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Welcome to Eagle Health Club Consultants

Let us do the heavy lifting for your business.

“Attention to detail is crucial, but if you spend too much time studying the roots, everyone else will have already picked the fruit.”

At Eagle Consultants we are very direct and driven, always working on the bigger picture…getting you the results!

Some of the broader areas we specialize in include:

Full Facility Management, Recruitment, Staff Training & Development, Operational Procedures, Budgeting, Procurement, Sales & Retention.

The first step is to arrange an audit review so we can assess the operational areas of your Club and demonstrate the areas that need developing.

This normally takes one day, providing all the necessary information is available to us. Following this, we will arrange a meeting and report our findings to you.

The next stage is to start implementing dynamic new strategies that are guaranteed to result in massive growth for your club.

This is where it gets exciting!

Have you already conducted a needs analysis and know the exact areas your business needs improvement in?

If so, we will come in and immediately tackle that specific problem area for you.

Eagle Consultants